IMmodesty is a conspiracy!

From time to time the homeschool social media lists will break out in questions about modest clothing for young girls and sometimes for the Moms. Then everyone will send their favorite modest clothing site and the groups calm down again.

However, while traveling last week I had forgotten my slip, just a little half slip, but something that made a big difference in my favorite dress I was going to wear to an important dinner event. Well, I went to Walmart to gather some last minute items, knowing I could pick up a half slip there and save time. Not!

Called KOHLS, they had slips, but not in my size. Went to Target, same thing. Finally I hit the women's stores of Lane Bryan, Dress Barn, and Avenue, NADA. One lady said that only Sears and JCPenney had slips anymore. Nope. Called both and JC said they only had slips in the catalog.

So after NOT wearing my favorite dress to the event, I came to the conclusion that being immodest, showing more than you really want to, is a conspiracy among the store buyers. Instead of buying one good blouse for $30, we have to buy 3 blouses for $20 each because they are so thin you need to *layer* your clothing. Back when I was a kid, the first layer was called underclothing, for a reason!!

So if you are in need of underclothing, be sure and order it ahead of time. It won't be in the stores.