Just thinking Out Loud

Wow, we've been homeschooling for 16 years. It was just yesterday that I was exploring this new educational decision. We were having problems with one child in school. There are just so many counseling sessions you can have with the teachers before you realize, they don't have a clue about your child. So we pulled her on Valentines day, went skating with a homeschool group, and have not looked back.

The changes in homeschooling is amazing, especially among the Moms. We would research for months, talk to others if we could find them. And then, if they trusted us newbies, we'd get invited to a meeting. From there we would find out about the conferences, and maybe find a couple of catalogs so we could start buying things for our homeschool.

Forward to the 21st Century, and voila, you can find everything online. You can find a support group, bookstores just for homeschoolers, conference information, curriculum providers of every spheel.

What you don't find is the wisdom to know how to pick curriculum. Or the wisdom to know what is plain *Twaddle* and a waste of your time and your child's time.

More on all of this latter.