Where have all the Homeschool radio shows gone?

Well, I was feeling bad, not having done a radio show in about a year, when I checked on the other shows. Seems podcasting was a big thing in 05 and has since deminished over the last several years. Was this a fad? Or was the hard work necessary for radio shows just too much for hard working homeschool Moms and Dads?

Yes, it does take someone with a producers hat to line up guests. It takes an editor 5 hours to edit a one hour interview. It takes a PR person to let everyone know that the radio show has a new entry.

For our show, I was the producer and host and pr person. My kids were the editors. They went to college and keep saying that I'm not allowed to edit the shows since I make the changes to abruptly.

But we had fun doing them, I have 10 more that need editing, and Yes, I really really would love to put this on REAL RADIO, but need sponsors.

I think that was the downfall of most homeschool radio shows. There was no money in it, it had to be your passion. Even the well ad supported shows have since gone numb. It just was not enough to hire an editor and pay for the audio server and the website server and take AAALLL that time from your kids.

If anyone knows of an Investment Angel who would like to see Homeschool Radio show, please have them contact me. I'm ready to continue and do this on the real airwaves (perhaps satellite radio!!)

I can dream.