Why is Jube at a Motorcycle Rally?

I know that some of you are asking * what is Jube doing at a motorcycle rally?* Well, to give you some history, my dh was a guy on a motorcycle when I met him (look up Jim Croce to get a pic of him in his youth) and we traveled across America in our early years. He gave up his motorcycle when we had our first born.

Our church in the 80s was one of the first to support a motorcycle ministry called Tribe of Judah. Did you notice (for those of you old enough) that the motorcycle gang stories of the 60s and 70s kind of died down in the 80s. (ask your parents if you're not old enough ;-)

Well, that's because there was a great outreach by many *scandalous* ministries to the people that no one else considered *church folks*.

We were at one of the first motorcycle rallies back in the early 90s with our kids in diapers in a tent with all the Christian motorcycle gangs. Very interesting weekend.

So we went to this year's motorcycle rally to talk to people about homeschooling. We encouraged those who were already homeschooling. We talked to people who were thinking of homeschooling. We were blessed by homeschool magazine publishers with freebies for everyone so we had some concrete advice for them to take home.

We watched as church folks (lots of ministers were there) looked at our booth and kept walking. We talked with inked and pierced Moms and Dads who were thinking about homeschooling. And we had a great time.

The one thing I found were homeschoolers who had not yet connected with groups in the DFW area. It's a shame that communication between groups are not more open. I long for the time when groups will post their adult meetings on the community calendars of every paper in Texas so newcomers can find them. Not everyone uses the computer like I do ;-)

So that's how we spent our Labor Day weekend. Enjoying music, kettle corn, people, and getting rained on, lol. Hope you had a great Labor Day also. Oh, the guy at my cleaners knows of a
BMW Trike that's for sale, he's working a deal for me!


Keeping Dry in Hurricane Season

Well, I'm up early because of the rain. Watching the radar on tv and on the computer. It's 300 miles away, yet my back yard is ponding. Yep, it's hurricane season in Texas again. They are already sounding the alarms for the next hurricane which is still a week out. Too bad North Texas can't get rain without us being soaked here on the coast.

I do hope that homeschoolers in Texas know that having emergency drills, preparing your evac kits, and/or learning to can and dry foods are all valid classes for your homeschool. Learning to use walkie talkies, how to cell phone everyone, deciding on which papers are important for an evac, these are all great life skills that every Texan needs to know.

I love geting our supplies ready. We just stocked up on cans of chili and ravioli, our staples when the electricity is out. We are blessed with a gas stove so we can cook during any outages, although we have to revert to using matches to start the thing.

And of course, our trusty dusty grill bit the dust this year so we have a new one ready to grill the contents of our freezer if need be. I remember Alicia many years ago, we just took our fridge contents, grilled everything we could and invited everyone in the neighborhood for a bbq. Hey, they were tired of pbj's and appreciated the real food.

So with any other weather season in Texas --- Y'all stay safe out there!


NOT Back to School

Well, it's that time again. It's time NOT to go back to school. We do enjoy the sales, the new paper and markers, but we soo much more enjoy not going back to school. With the THSC State Conference in The Woodlands this coming weekend, we look forward to reviewing new curriculum, going to workshops for new ideas and old techniques we've forgotten about.

The teens will enjoy their workshops which are done by Dave Ramsey's people. Yep every parent wants their kids to know good financial principles. We don't want them moving back in if it's avoidable. :-)

If you are new to homeschooling, please feel free to check out the website http://www.texashomeeducators.com/ for great lesson plans, support group information and calendar of events for great activities throughout the state.