Keeping Dry in Hurricane Season

Well, I'm up early because of the rain. Watching the radar on tv and on the computer. It's 300 miles away, yet my back yard is ponding. Yep, it's hurricane season in Texas again. They are already sounding the alarms for the next hurricane which is still a week out. Too bad North Texas can't get rain without us being soaked here on the coast.

I do hope that homeschoolers in Texas know that having emergency drills, preparing your evac kits, and/or learning to can and dry foods are all valid classes for your homeschool. Learning to use walkie talkies, how to cell phone everyone, deciding on which papers are important for an evac, these are all great life skills that every Texan needs to know.

I love geting our supplies ready. We just stocked up on cans of chili and ravioli, our staples when the electricity is out. We are blessed with a gas stove so we can cook during any outages, although we have to revert to using matches to start the thing.

And of course, our trusty dusty grill bit the dust this year so we have a new one ready to grill the contents of our freezer if need be. I remember Alicia many years ago, we just took our fridge contents, grilled everything we could and invited everyone in the neighborhood for a bbq. Hey, they were tired of pbj's and appreciated the real food.

So with any other weather season in Texas --- Y'all stay safe out there!

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