Spring Freak Out

Well, it's almost the end of the school year, and on all the homeschool lists there is that Spring Freak Out that comes with the end of the standard school year. *Did we do enough??!!!* We did not finish the book! As though the teachers ever finish the book.

Here's the secret: the teachers never finish the book. I was sooo disappointed when my daughter was kept in school for the finish of her 6th grade year while I had already pulled out my other child. She was in accelerated classes and I knew I could not teach her that math. So we kept her in until the finish of the school year. Well, she mentioned as the school year was ending, that the teacher was just flying through the last part of the book. None of the kids were catching any of it, and the teacher was not going to test them on it. She just needed to get it covered because it was in her lesson plans. Great teaching, huh?

So if you tend to FREAK OUT, during this time of year.
Catch your breath,
have a picnic,
take the kids to the zoo.
read a good book.

They learn so much for just talking. Hey, it was the mode of learning for several millenium!

If you kids know more now than they did last fall,
if they are still interested in learning,
if they read books without you telling them,
if they research things and THEN tell you what they found,
you can be rest assured you've done enough.

Until later,