On the Road Again

Well, we have been on the road for 10 days now. We hit Iowa just as a northern did and voila, it was 50 degrees. I love being on the road with my kids. It's a great time to remind them of each state's slogan, ask about the geography of the places we travel through, and of course, discuss things endlesslyl. They enjoy and annoy each other in various degrees along the way. But overall we have fun.

They were great during the conference, setting up the booth 3 different times. Very patient for teens. We had fun with the relatives and were glad to hear of their faith. Nice knowing they will be with us in the forever and ever.

We loved the mountains of West Virgina, took some great pictures, but was very tired after hours of curves. We thoroughly enjoyed the gentle mountains of North Carolina but were glad to hit I-10 for that final stretch back to Texas!