Dr. Phil can't be a Texan!

Well, after a great thanksgiving with the family, we have Dr. Phil's show to watch tomorrow. I can't believe this guy is a Texan the way he ambushed the homeschoolers. We will be talking about this on our radio show next week: The Homeschooler Next Door streaming on Drama Free Radio station. I don't think any of the main media are willing to go head to head with Dr. Phil, but this homeschool MOM is not taking this lying down.

We have heard from other blogs about how the audience was stacked, the guests were ambushed and how the whole thing was just a show to make homeschooling look bad.
Here are the blogs with that information:

This on the same week that it was announced that one of the Rhodes Scholars from Texas is a homeschooler! Hence my assumption that Dr. Phil is not really a Texan, where people believe in individual freedom and responsiblity, such as the responsiblity to educate your children.

Anyway, we will go over Dr. Phil's show point by point on this next week's The Homeschooler Next Door!

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